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February 12th, 2006 (03:09 am)


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January 17th, 2005 (01:34 pm)


"Of course not!" Harry scoffed. He smirked suddenly, "But I have to mark my property, don't I?" He moved over to him and began nipping his neck, "Mmmm, you won't be able to walk for weeks..."

Draco gulped and nodded, though he had to admit, the idea was making him hot and bothered. He should have known that all the pent up sexual frustration would be have to be released 'sometime.' He licked his lips, and hell, he didn't mind if it 'was' now.

Harry looked at him predatorily. "I'm going to go get a few things, when I come back I expect you to be naked and kneeling on the floor. Head bowed." he ordered. Draco's cock pulsed and he nodded. "Alright." he knew better than to go against Harry's wishes now.

Harry smiled at him and turned around fully, walking over to the next room.

Draco stood staring at the spot where Harry had been for a moment before remembering his order. Hastily he stood up and divested himself of his clothes. Shoes, socks, Robes, pants, sweater, T-shirt, and then boxers.

He didn't know what to do with his clothes, so he kicked them under the bed. There, that should do it. He turned around and faintly heard the sound of shuffling from the next room.

He found a comfy space on the floor (if that was possible) and kneeled, bowing his head as instructed. Then he got to wondering how corrupted their child would be by the time he was four, not good. Talk about bad influence. How embarrassing it would be if their son walked in on one of their sex games, not that he could walk, or even see over five feet in front of his face...but...you know.

He fidgeted from his position on the floor. His cock was dripping pre-come and he was painfully aware of just how hard he 'really' was.

He spread his legs as far as they would go and brushed his penis on the carpet. He shivered in delight and proceeded to rut against it the best he could in his position. Which, he admitted to himself, wasn't much. It seemed to only make it worst as the only part that touched it was the head, and it drove him absolutely crazy.

And Harry chose that moment to enter the room, carrying behind him a large black suitcase. Damn! Where does he get all this stuff??

Harry walked over to him, and Draco kept his head down so all he could see was Harry's expensive black dragon-hide boots. Harry trailed a finger down the side of his face, "Good boy." he breathed.

Then there was movement from Harry, and the click of the ebony suitcase and it popped open. Draco kept his head down, so he couldn't see what it was Harry had.

Harry leaned forward and carefully placed the object around his eyes. A blindfold. Silk.

Harry picked him up in his arms then and carried him to the bed; he clutched on to him, as he couldn't see what was happening. There was a plop as he was deposited on the bed and then a whispered charm and his hands and legs were expertly tied to the bed.

Draco tugged on them experimentally. They were made of some kind of cloth, but apparently rather strong, as they would not budge.

Draco whimpered. "Shhh," Harry said, he could hear some more shuffling.

He felt Harry's cool fingers on his cock and it drove him absolutely insane! "Harry..." He moaned, Harry stroked in gently for a moment before Draco felt something tight around the base of his cock. And he could guess what that was, a cock ring. Just great.

Harry leaned down and pressed his leather-clad body against his chest, and kissed him softly and languidly. He moved his right hand down to massage the inside of Draco's thighs, he whimpered in distress and squirmed. He was already so hard but they hadn't even started yet!

He could feel Harry's smile against his lips and then he moved back, grabbing something nearby. Draco whimpered at the loss of contact and arched up as far as he could.

Nothing happened for what seemed like eternity, then there was a drop of something hot on his chest. Wax. Draco arched and yelped. Harry chuckled and poured a giant line of it from his right nipple to his cock. He gasped and arched at the double sensation. It felt so good! His cock throbbed painfully in agreement.

He felt cool air drying it, and then there was more. This time a giant glob of it covering his left nipple. He gasped; he had no way of knowing where he was going to pour it next!

There was a finger light touch from Harry's hands on his cheek, as if to reassure him, and then there was more, right above his navel. One, two, three, there seemed to be about a hundred streaks right around there and then Harry pulled back and he felt the tingling sensation of Harry's stare.

"Mmmm," he murmured, "You look so good like this. And with my marks..." He fingered the area right above his navel, and Draco wondered again what exactly he had put there.

Draco arched into his touch, and Harry chuckled and moved his hand, trailing it down to his cock. "Did it turn you on, baby? You're going to have to wait, I have something else for you..."

Draco gulped. There was a clanging sound and then the bed shifted as Harry leaned lower. He wished with all his might he could see what Harry had in his hands, but to no avail.

Feather light touches traced his neck and collarbone for a moment, before there was a click and cool metal rested against him. He heard Harry mutter something that sounded like a charm, but he couldn't quite hear it.

There was shifting, and the sound of a zipper being pulled down. "God, do you know how hard you've made me? You're so beautiful..." He murmured.

He felt his thighs spreading, and coolness covering his insides. There was more shifting and then he felt the large tip of Harry's cock against his opening. In one thrust he was imbedded completely inside of him. He arched his back and screamed, "Oh god, Harry!"

His cock seemed impossibly hard, and it was hurting. Harry reached down and began stroking it, not removing to cock ring.

Draco moaned and thrashed against his body. When Harry hit his prostate he felt numb from so much pleasure. "Unnhgghhg..." Draco moaned loudly, "God, Harry, please, I-I need..."

Harry continued thrusting, ignoring his hoarse pleas. Over and over and over, he hit his g-spot, until Draco felt as if he was going to die. He felt Harry shift as he reached over and Draco gasped as he felt yet another cock ring being put on his throbbing cock.

It wasn't long until Harry came, whispering his name as if he was afraid others would hear.

He felt him pull out and Draco whimpered in distress, the cock rings were preventing him from coming and it hurt!

Harry stroked his cheek, still not removing his blindfold. "Angel..." he whispered, "You look like an angel..."

Draco could barely hear him; all his nerves were focused on his throbbing cock. "Do you want release baby?" Harry asked, he felt him looming over him. Draco whimpered.

"Beg me baby." Harry breathed, "Beg me." Draco could barely form words, but the promise of much desired relief made him open his mouth and let out a string of words. "Harry! Nnnngh...P-Pl...e-e-a-se...? Pl-e...ase!"

"Mmmm, what? I can't understand you." he reached down and began to stroke Draco's cock, still not removing the rings. Draco screamed and arched his back, practically sobbing he yelled, "P-Please! Please!!!"

Harry smirked at him and agonizingly slow removed them one by one. His slightly blue cock immediately began squirting out fluid.


[You have to go back to fanfiction.net to read the rest of this chapter. -_-;; Sorry.]

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December 10th, 2004 (10:11 pm)

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December 10th, 2004 (04:14 pm)

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